Blair Vaughn-Gruler

“My practice is built around process; mark making, repetition, accumulation, erasure, and the viscosity of the paint itself,” says nonobjective painter Blair Vaughn-Gruler. “I’m also concerned with my physical relationship to paint, including the motions inherent in the process of mark making.”


Through a meditative, process-based approach, pictorial imagery often arises in her work that suggests geometry, architecture, scaffolding and ruins. “This imagery can also become deconstructed into lines or marks, which emerge, repeat, and forget themselves back into the paint,” she says. Vaughn-Gruler earned an MFA in Visual Art in 2010 from Vermont College of Fine Arts and a BFA in Painting in 1979 from Northern Michigan University.


She lives in Lamy, New Mexico, and co-owns GVG Contemporary with her husband, Ernst Gruler.

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