Blair Vaughn-Gruler

“My practice is built around process; mark making, repetition, accumulation, erasure, and the viscosity of the paint itself,” says nonobjective painter Blair Vaughn-Gruler. “I’m also concerned with my physical relationship to paint, including the motions inherent in the process of mark making.”


Through a process-based approach, her all-over surfaces can suggest writing, data collection, geometry or architecture,  “Imagery becomes deconstructed into lines or marks, which emerge, repeat, and forget themselves back into the paint,” she says. Vaughn-Gruler earned an MFA in Visual Art in 2010 from Vermont College of Fine Arts and a BFA in Painting in 1979 from Northern Michigan University.


She lives in Lamy, New Mexico, and co-owns GVG Contemporary with her husband, Ernst Gruler.

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Blair Vaughn-Gruler / Paintings
Blair Vaughn-Gruler / Paintings
Blair Vaughn-Gruler / Paintings

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Blair Vaughn-Gruler / Small Work