Ernst Gruler

Furniture & Lamps


The innovative, contemporary fine art furniture of artist Ernst Gruler melds sculptural design and ergonomic comfort. Gruler has developed his design sensibilities over the past 25 years, after receiving a BFA and a MA. His furniture, unusual lighting and beautiful abstract paintings exhibit technical mastery, creative design and artistic excellence.




Ernst Gruler’s Sound Sculptures are made from repurposed scrap steel and pressure canisters, with a liberal sprinkling of industrial chic, and the technical and aesthetic attention to detail that informs all of Ernst’s work. The bells are meant to be rung, and in many cases other parts of the sculptures also resonate when struck. This is why we call them Sound Sculptures: they invite exploration and interaction, along with the contemplation of the origin and previous functions of the various scrap components of the sculptures. These sculptures are primarily steel, and can live either inside or outside. They make especially nice enhancements to an entryway or a sculpture garden.



He works with acrylic paint, metal leaf and mixed media on textured panels. Imagery arises from the process, suggesting both organic and constructed environments.

Ernst Gruler grew up building and taking things apart, then refined and expanded those talents to become a furniture artist, metalworker, and painter.

Gruler’s fine art furniture is not about perfect finish or exotic wood. He prefers the durability of plywood with which he crafts pieces that make an art of ergonomics. His modular chairs–remarkable for seated bodies of all variety–are painted with metallic, textured hues. The result of this labor and craftsmanship is innovative and contemporary fine art furniture that melds sculptural design, functionality, durability, and comfort.

Repurposed steel is the medium for another body of Gruler’s work, which includes furniture pieces and what he calls “sound sculptures.” The cast-offs of cars, trucks, farm machinery are melded to create new, practical, and sculptural objects. The bells, made from former pressure canisters, resonate tones of noble beauty that belie their mundane industrial origins.

Media and process inspire all of Gruler’s work, whether furniture, painting, sculpture, or lighting.

Ernst Gruler earned his BFA and MA from Northern Michigan University. He lives in Lamy, New Mexico and co-owns GVG Contemporary with his wife, Blair Vaughn-Gruler.

Ernst Gruler