Lori Schappe-Youens


Lori grew up in Madison, and attended the University of Wisconsin, before relocating to South Africa in 1992. In 2012, she moved back to the states, and currently splits her time between the two countries. Her whimsical and iconic visual vocabulary speaks with joy, insight and humor, as she continues to explore the themes of home and place.

“My work is a combination of spirit, humor, and sensitivity, as well as a hunger for growth.  I am moved by colour- by how it translates onto the substrate and plays with the eye. I love texture as it gives grit and substance to what I do- where I am- where I am going. Grit is good.

I believe that there is humour in most of this life- if you look simply enough at it, and that often is translated into quite wacky, wonderful half human, half animal-insect-plants, smiling at the frailties of this human/animal condition. I paint because I have to- I will not be whole if I do not put brush or palette knife to paper or canvas.”

Lori 2015 small