A New Art Experience at GVG

What happens when a gallery moves to a new space?


This is the question we’ve been exploring lately. When the pandemic temporarily closed our brick-and-mortar gallery per governor mandate, we moved exhibitions online, revamped our website, and made all works available for sale on what is now an interactive space where you can get to know our artists and their art. We also started this blog!

Most significantly, we had the opportunity to switch up location, and we did so in order to limit in-person exposure to the virus for our clients, team, and artists. At the same time, we pivoted toward a new way of being a voice and venue for contemporary art in Santa Fe.

Even as we ramp up our virtual presence, we know that the way people fall in love with art is usually not online. How do you convey the (extra)sensory experience of standing before a 6-foot-tall painting with undulating textures in a two-dimensional image or even a video? You can’t.

This is why we remain invested in a physical space where visitors can safely experience art. We moved out of our classic adobe gallery in the Canyon Road Arts District (below, left), a tourist hotspot in Santa Fe, and relocated to our existing warehouse space (below, right) in the city’s industrial Siler Rufina Arts District—an area with a rich history of working artists, artisans, and craftspeople.

Over the summer, we got to know our wonderful new neighbors and renovated and added an additional warehouse space to create two discrete showrooms—each attached to extended studio space for our co-owners, Blair Vaughn-Gruler and Ernst Gruler.

We are now open by appointment—either in person or on Zoom. This is a response to safety concerns, but we’ve come to realize that this new phase rather suits us. Without the heavy walk-in traffic of Canyon Road, we can hold very intentional appointments for visitors—whether you just want to see what’s on exhibition, would like a showroom set up with specific works, or would like a full art consultation with our curators. (See “Visit Us” to learn more.)

“We love seeing people by appointment,” says Blair, who’s stayed in touch with many collectors we’ve met over the years. Some purchased their very first pieces of abstract or nonobjective art at GVG, and in many cases this was the start of a journey. “We have a different kind of intimacy that’s possible now. We can tailor a showroom, pull inventory from the racks, talk about what’s happening the studio, and really go deeper.”

“Plus,” she adds, “It’s fun bringing people here. We’re on the hip side of town now, right by a motorcycle shop, near the Meow Wolf exhibition. It’s a different kind of work ethic over here that suits our working studio spaces. I feel like we’re embodying a new warehouse vibe with our gallery.”

Now, garage doors open to our showrooms. The industrial, minimal setting seems particularly suited to our contemporary, nonobjective niche in the Southwest art scene.

But, of course, not everything has changed: we still represent our full roster of visual artists and jewelry artists.

        GVG artists, top row, from left: Kathleen Hope, Elle MacLaren, Ernst Gruler.        Middle row, from left: Blair Vaughn-Gruler, Ernst Gruler, Oliver Polzin.          Bottom row, from left: Jeffie Brewer, Elle MacLaren, Lori Schappe-Youens.

“We’ve worked to create spaces that have a similar presence to our former venue,” adds Blair. “We’ve brought the feeling of GVG into the warehouses: minimalist, peaceful, but more flexible than before. We can use these new spaces in a number of different ways. We envision eventually hosting exhibition openings and pop-up events that spill out of our roll-up doors and into our exterior spaces where we celebrate contemporary art in warehouse style!”

You can also look forward to our regular programming. Next up is a narratively themed two-artist exhibition with new work by painters Lori Schappe-Youens and Oliver Polzin. Between the former’s powerful symbolism and abstraction (think bird creatures, vast horizons, and the stuff of dreams) and the latter’s mystical realism, archetypal characters, and mythologized nature—this show will be especially powerful.

So stay tuned, and visit us!



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