Elle MacLaren

“I am inspired by material, color and texture. Whether it is working with cement, wax, metal or the beautiful colored earth of New Mexico, I strive to push the limit of what materials can do, both on their own, and in combination with other materials.  Experimentation is key. I draw and paint on unique surfaces with a range of media. I am drawn to materials that are both elemental and industrial: sand, which becomes glass or cement, and metal.

The images in my work reference both my inner (emotional and spiritual) landscape, as well as the physical landscape of the high desert. I am inspired by the sky and the earth in the place where I live. Images appear to me in the texture of cement and wax, and in the subtle colors and shadows of metal. I see them in sidewalks and streets as well as in rocks and hills. I am compelled to reveal my vision”

She holds a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Alma College.