Surface Architecture | April 26 to May 19

Surface Architecture pairs the work of Lori Swartz and Kevin Gilmore, who are both working in paint to coax non-objective narratives from various flat surfaces with mark making and structural vocabularies, both physical and illusionary.

The overlap of visual vocabularies between Swartz and Gilmore is apparent in their respective use of similar geometries, swaths of open space (with suggestions of hidden marks and meanings), unexpected hues and compositional sensibilities. Their conceptual approaches, however, are very different. The interplay between the two artists’ work creates an exciting visual conversation about how visual intentions manifest on the two dimensional surface.

Opening reception: Friday, April 26, from 5-7pm



Lori Swartz, local to Santa Fe, has wintered in Buenos Aires, creating new work for this exhibition. She explains “the architecture of the way sidewalk meets the street, the cobblestones and the asphalt has captured me. I have used the lines of the built city as a backdrop for the feelings pulled up when I walk through the streets. I have photographed the various textures of the street, transcribed them into my paintings and layered my feelings of exploration on top of them.” Lori’s process is intuitive and expressionistic, employing shapes and colors that reference her physical experience as they translate over to the flat surface.

Kevin Gilmore is an interdisciplinary artist, working as a painter, experimental sound composer, and educator who lives and works in Rhode Island. He approaches the intersection of architecture and surface†from a more structural and pragmatic point of view in this body of work, creating a collection of objects that speak to structure, craft and painting in a very visceral way.