High Desert with Mountain

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High Desert with Mountain

Blair Vaughn-Gruler

“In between the large and labor intensive oil paintings that I make to organize chaos and other mental and emotional conundrums, the urge to indulge intuition, impulse, and saturated color emerges. My roots as a painter are steeped in the last gasps of Modernism, something I have finally officially given up on trying to reject. Lineage isn’t really optional after the fact, so I may as well enjoy it.”

That is Vaughn-Gruler’s disclaimer for this kind of dreamy dive into the space between thoughts and landscape. She mixes tropes, asemic symbols, depth perception, and obfuscation along with media (gouache, oil paint, sharpie, oil pastels, graphite) to land on a visceral description of a current state of mind.

This one has a mountain, so you know you are actually somewhere.



mixed media on flat panel clayboard
16 x 20


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