521 Full Installation

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521 Full Installation

The installation includes 521 orbs representing the number of weeks (10 years) that were allotted to the survival of the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse in 2014.


This piece originally included 29 circles mounted on the wall, representing the surviving populations of these family-based mice, who live along the Rio Grande. However, as installed at GVG, some orbs have “fallen” to the floor, representing the time already lost.


Structurally sturdy, each orb echoes the “day nests” made by the mice. The circles can be stalled anywhere from 1 foot to 4 feet in diameter. Installation simply requires pin holes, and a “leg” of each orb, when inserted, will hold the orb in place through tension and gravity.


c marquez would like to see this installation go out into the world, like the tumbleweeds they are made from, after its time at GVG.

tall tumble mustard plant (sisymbrium altissimum)
179 x 96 x 4.5 (variable; these are the dimensions for our installation)


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