Pandemic Deals

PANDEMIC DEALS are our way of saying thank you to all our friends, fans, and collectors as we (and you) look to make lemonade out of the crop of pandemic lemons we have recently been dealt. Does that sound like we are playing cards with lemons? Actually, we are just trying to tempt you to buy some new artwork, which will lift your spirits, perk up your home, and encourage our artists, while providing some cash flow for both artists and gallery.


We will be posting new deals from time to time, and when we do we send out an e-blast. If you would like to be in the loop, please sign up at the bottom of any page on the website.


We look forward to tempting you with beautiful work and seeing great deals go in to your cart. Thanks for looking and thank you for your patronage. Please stay well!


Our current Pandemic Deals come from Ernst Gruler, offering his smaller Sound Sculptures at a 30% discount! These repurposed steel beauties were assembled from scrap parts, tuned to resonating tones. Click on an image for more details.

Bells, Ernst Gruler, Pandemic Deals
Bells, Ernst Gruler, Pandemic Deals