Material Impulse | June 23 to July 14

GVG Contemporary is delighted to present “Material Impulse | a Confluence of Clay Artists,” an exhibition that surveys contemporary ceramics by regional ceramic artists. This exhibition is a collaboration between guest curator Robert Michael Siracusa, who is an Arizona curator and gallerist, and GVG Contemporary in Santa Fe.

GVG co-owner and gallery director Blair Vaughn-Gruler explains, “Robert has owned and directed several galleries in Northern Arizona for over twenty years. He is also a sculptor who has worked in stone and bronze, and creates special practical effects makeup and prosthetics for actors in film. He has had a long passion for materiality in general and ceramics in particular. Since GVG is also driven by a fascination with materials, collaborating with Robert to explore what is going on in the world of clay in the southwest region was an irresistible opportunity.”

“The timeless art of ceramic sculpture has always been one of deep personal expression,” Siracusa explains. “Regardless of whether it is created for necessity or for decorative purposes, the hands of the creator are there, manipulating the material to its end result. It cannot be otherwise.

When I began exhibiting ceramic art in 1997, I was always astonished at the versatility of the material, and moved by the manner with which each artist managed to find something new in every piece and every surface treatment.

Material Impulse: A Confluence of Clay Artists
Opening reception with the artists Friday, June 23 from 5 to 7 pm

Round table discussion with the artists and the guest curator, Robert Michael Siracusa, on Saturday, June 24, from 3 to 4 pm.

Artists included in the exhibition are Magda Gluszek, Ben Roti, Farraday Newsome, Jeff Reich and Novie Trump, all of whom currently reside in Arizona and exhibit nationally.