GVG Studio Tour: Kathleen Hope


The artist at work


Kathleen Hope is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Duluth, and has received numerous awards for her artistry. She lives and works in Fountain Hills, Arizona. She explains that for her color begins her process. “When I start a painting, I usually pick only one to three colors. I place the large color samples next to my wood panel as I am prepping. It takes many days to build up layers before I begin to paint. I observe the colors during this process and the architecture of the painting presents itself. The feeling or the psychological properties of a color dictate the shapes I will use. It is important for me to arrive at only the essentials in a painting. Sometimes when there is too much information it looses its essence. I paint best when I push my medium to the limit, make good design decisions and maintain a playful spontaneity.”


To-do list


Hope works primarily with cement, plaster, acrylic, inks, and encaustic on canvas or board. The work is richly textured, organic, and contemporary. Her diverse background in interior design and color psychology is a significant influence on her work.

During our studio visit I asked Kathleen to share with me a little bit about her process, medium choice, and where she sees her working moving forward.


Kathleen Hope | Scandia | mixed media on panel | 24 x 24


Renee: What was a formative experience from your early life as an artist?

Kathleen: My mom was a watercolor artist and I remember going to outdoor art fairs with her. That was my first memory of art as a child. Then in college I took a studio class in painting and felt right at home. It was a large class but 10 years later my college instructor saw me and remembered me, which was unbelievable to me! She said that I was talented and hoped I continued my art practice.

Renee: What is your preferred medium and why?

Kathleen: After years of experimenting with all different mediums nothing felt right for me until a collector of my collage art challenged me to create a painting for her outdoor space. I said, “give me a year,” and that is how I found cement. It transformed my art and vision. I have been working with cement for ten years now.


Kathleen Hope | Morning Sun | mixed media on panel | 24 x 24


Renee: Describe a typical studio day.

Kathleen: I paint six days a week unless I am at a show. I start at about 9-10am and quit at about 6-7pm. My studio day consists of painting, prep and computer work. Every week I post a goal to achieve… commissions, marketing or prep for upcoming shows.


Work Boots


Renee: How has your practiced changed over time?

Kathleen: My work has become more consistent in style and texture. People can recognize my style without seeing my name.


On the drying board


Studio table


Kathleen’s work is represented by GVG Contemporary. To see more of her work stop by the gallery on 241 Delgado Street in Santa Fe, NM or visit Kathleen’s page by clicking here.

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All interviews have been conducted by Renee Lauzon, Gallery Manager at GVG Contemporary. If you have any questions you can email Renee at renee@gvgcontemporary.com.