Compulsive Organization | July 21 through August 18

New works by Blair Vaughn-Gruler

The show’s title, “Compulsive Organization,” speaks to Vaughn-Gruler’s obsession with making sense of chaos, to order what is disordered, to make and break patterns. As an organized space the work in this exhibition seems to temper what is lying underneath the surface. Squiggly lines loop wildly below, white paint cordoning off the chaos, creating small spaces to rest and make sense of line, material, and mark-making.

There is an inherent dualism at play in Vaughn-Gruler’s work: accumulation and erasure, pattern making and disruption, repetition and irregularity, decipherment and obfuscation, each mark of paint being left to work itself out.

She explains that her work is “grounded in an inquiry into the materiality of paint, memory, and process. To me, paint is an ointment, and I use it to mediate the space between oppositional considerations, like past and present, or remembering and forgetting,” and in her current work, the organization and chaos. “Compulsive mark-making, repetitive actions, and materiality… I like to set up these relationships, and then let the materials do much of the labor; I like an accessible narrative, one that can be understood relative to physicality and actions of the body.”

Blair Vaughn-Gruler earned her MFA in Visual Art in 2010 from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and a BFA in Painting in 1979 from Northern Michigan University. She lives in Lamy, New Mexico and co-owns GVG Contemporary with her husband, Ernst Gruler.

July 21 through August 18, with a reception on Friday, July 21 from 5 to 7pm.