As Above So Below | December 16 to 30


As Above So Below | Planetary paintings by Elle MacLaren

These paintings are part of an ongoing study of the planets and some of their moons. Each planetary “portrait” has been painted during the zodiac sign that the planet rules, and is inspired by images taken in outer space and NASA sound recordings, which MacLaren listens to as she paints.

As Above So Below refers to the Hermetic principle that applies to the microcosm and the macrocosm, the self and the universe, each lying within the other. My goal is to raise awareness of our connection to the cosmos and to show, through art, how we are a part of it all.”                             –Elle MacLaren
Elle MacLaren is a painter residing in Santa Fe. She holds a BFA in painting from Michigan’s Alma College. She is a student of astrology and a practitioner of Acutonics, a sound healing therapy which is also relative to the orbital properties of the heavenly bodies. She is inspired by the earth and the sky, and brings her creative intuition to everything she does.